Frequently Asked Questions


Community Park

Q:  How much does it cost to rent the lodge/pavilions and who do I contact?
A:  Please view our Community Park page for rental information.

Public Safety

Q:  What should I do in the event of flooding in my basement?
A:  We encourage you to call 911.

Q:  If I need to contact the police which number do I call?
A:  Always call 911.  They can dispatch the appropriate police force.


Q: Do I need a building permit?
A: View the Citizens' Guide to Applying For a Building Permit

FAQ Page

We just added a FAQ page to our site and would like your input.  Please contact us with suggested questions for the page.  Thank you.

Neighborhood Watch

The RVNW Program is in the process of being organized.  We are searching for volunteers and Block Captains.  Please click the Join button below if you are interested in joining.




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