Shannock Valley Community Park

Come Visit Our Park

Come enjoy two playgrounds, basketball, baseball, walking, picnics, pavilion/lodge rental and more in our beautiful community park. 

Park Map

1. Large Playground
2. Tee-Ball Field
3. Enclosed Lodge/Senior Center
4. War Memorial
5. Sand Volleyball
6. Basketball Court

7. Baseball Field
8. Large Pavilion
9. Small Playground
10. Small Pavilion
11. Stage
12. Recycling Trailer
RR. Rest Room


Rental Information
  • Click here for pricing information.
  • To Make Reservations Call:  Margie Hayes, 724-783-7545
  • Security Deposit and Rental Fee are due one month prior to your rental date.  Your deposit and fee should be mailed to:
    Margie Hayes
    217 State Route 2006
    Rural Valley, Pa 16249
  • Checks are payable to "S.V.R.C."
  • Pick up keys to all facilities at DiMaio's Market in NuMine, Pa, one day before rental.
  • If you are eligible to receive your security deposit back, it will be returned to you the following week.

Small Pavilion Rental Information

This pavilion holds approximately 120 people and has access to the restrooms at the large pavilion.

Large Pavilion Rental Information

This pavilion holds approximately 160 people and has access to restrooms and a kitchen.

Enclosed Lodge Rental Information

The lodge holds approximately 160-200 people and has access to restrooms.



FAQ Page

We just added a FAQ page to our site and would like your input.  Please contact us with suggested questions for the page.  Thank you.

Neighborhood Watch

The RVNW Program is in the process of being organized.  We are searching for volunteers and Block Captains.  Please click the Join button below if you are interested in joining.




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